Welcome to the homepage of the
Speläoclub Berlin (SCB)

The Speläoclub Berlin is a fairly young group of cavers from Berlin and its surroundings who found together in recent years.

The fascination of the underground world led us across the globe. Related to that we have recognised new facets of nature but also within ourselfs.

Our attitude is:

When you visit a cave…
take nothing with you but deep respect against nature,
leave nothing than memories,
destroy nothing except your irreverence,
kill nothing than time.

Our surveying activities are individually determined by the club members.

Thus, SCB members are involved in ongoing speleological projects in Switzerland, Thuringia, Bavaria as well as in Africa and in Iran. An online newsletter called “Speläoclub Berlin Newsletter” is released to inform about subjects like events, small reports and other information.

Surveying projects and monographies on speleological regions or topics are published in the "Berliner höhlenkundliche Berichte".

If you are interested to join the world of speleology you are invited to contact the Speläoclub Berlin. Here you will find competent and experienced cavers who are familiar with the dangers and attractions of the dark beyond.

Contact: by email