Berliner Höhlenkundliche Berichte,
Inhalt Band 14:
Herbert Daniel Gebauer:
Resources on the Speleology of Afghanistan
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Kapitel Titel Seite
Abstract 6
Exploration chronicle 6
Impact of war on caves 9
Karez, kariz, quanat 10
Cave potential 11
The 49 longest known caves of Afghanistan 11
Cave Directory 12–135
Bibliogrphy 136–161
Index by AIMS sheets 162–164
Index by provinces 165–166

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After 25 years of military invasions and civil war, cavers may get inspired by learning that tourists “particularly backpacking Japanese coming to see the Buddhas, are drifting into Bamiyan (COHEN 2004: 165)".
To recollect some aspects of the speleological knowledge on Afghanistan that was already gained, a nuüber of 278 natural caves and rock shelters, man–made rock chaübers and other “cavish” items were compiled from 693 bibliographical references and listed in alphabetical order.
The initial attempt to sort entries by provinces and district was given up. In the past, the administrative divisions of Afghanistan have changed too often to invest into the “32 Province 329 District administrative model” suggested by the United Nations.

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