Berliner Höhlenkundliche Berichte,
Inhalt Band 19:
Herbert Daniel Gebauer:
Resources on the Speleology of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Punjab and Haryana (India). Including the Union Territories Daman & Diu, Dadar & Nagar Haveli, and the municipalties of Delhi and Chandigar
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Kapitel Titel Seite
Rajasthan State 5–24
Gujarat State 25–36
Dadar & Nagar Haveli Union Territory 37
Daman & Diu Union Teritory 37–40
Punjab State 41
Haryana State, including Chandigarh 42
Delhi municipality 43–44

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The whole Northwest of India is dealt with in this volume. 129 caves, some man–made caverns and wells are described in detail. Many cave surveys. 15 pages of bibliographical references, a glossary and about 170 footnotes. In English language.

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