Berliner Höhlenkundliche Berichte,
Inhalt Band 22:
J. Masschelein; V. Coessens; D. Lagrou; M. Dusar & Tran Tan Van (eds.):
Northern Vietnam 1993 – 2006 (Belgian–Vietnamese speleological projects in the provinces of Bac Kan, Ha Giang, Hoa Binh, Lai Chau and Son La)
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Kapitel Titel Seite
Abstract / Zusammenfassung / Résumé / Tóm tat 5
1 Acknowledgements / Team Meübers/ Sponsors 7
2 Introduction 9
3 General overview 10
3.1 Geological observations 10
3.2 Son La province 13
3.2.1 Location 13
3.2.2 Hydrometeorology 13
3.2.3 Tectonics 14
3.2.4 Stratigraphy 17
3.3 Lai Chau province 18
3.4 Hoa Binh province 18
3.5 Bac Kan province 20
3.6 Ha Giang province 22
4 Caves explored during the 1993 — 2006 expeditions 23
4.1 General remarks 23
4.2 Son La and Lai Chau provinces 24
4.3 Hoa Binh, Bac Kan and Ha Giang provinces 146
4.4 Other caves investigated 197
4.5 Preliminary speläogenetic model (by Christophe Deblaere & David Lagrou) 200
5 Conclusions 202
6 Bibliography 202
Caves explored during the BVKCA speleological projects 1993 – 2006 in North Vietnam 207

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This report has been compiled from the results of eight Belgian–Vietnamese speleological expeditions to the NW of Vietnam between 1993 and 2006. Karst and caves of five provinces were studied with the provinces of Son La and Lai Chau having been subject of the most detailed investigations, which have led to a long–term development project in both provinces. During the expeditions 270 caves were explored. In total over 92 km of cave passages were surveyed. Amongst them is Cong Nuoc Cave in the Tam Duong area at a depth of −600 m, currently the deepest cave on the mainland of Southeast Asia. The longest cave surveyed so far is the 2,920 m long Noong Khat. 24 caves at a length of over 1 km were found. 265 caves were mapped in the provinces described in this publication. Two other caves were also added to the list of investigated caves: Xa Xa Pin 2 in the Dong Van area, surveyed by a previous Italian expedition, as well as Cau Cuoi in the Yen Bai province. On the way between Son La and Hanoi two more caves (Co Du and Hang Nghiem) were explored in the Moc Chau area in 1997. In 2001 a further cave (Nam Phe 1) was surveyed in the Nam Phe area of the Tam Duong region, which is located north of the areas that were studied in the Lai Chau province. This brings the total of described caves to the nuüber of 270.

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