Berliner Höhlenkundliche Berichte,
Inhalt Band 3:
Michael Laumanns:
Mozambique 1999
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Acknowledgements 2
Project participants 3
Summary, Résumé, Zusammenfassung 3
1 Introduction 4
2 Speleological investigations and morphostructural observations in the Buzi area with respect to the Cheringoma plateau 4
2.1 General remarks 6
2.2 Region north of the Buzi River (Mutanda zone) 6
2.3 Region south of the Buzi River (Estaquinha zone) 40
3 Conclusions with respect to the Cheringoma plateau 41
4 References 44

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During a European (Portuguese, German) speleological project 5,4 km of cave passages in 63 caves were explored in the area of the Buzi River about 150 km west of the port of Beira, Mozambique in August/September 1999. The karst is developed in Eocene limestone and is extremely rich in caves.
The most significant findings were the caves Dimba No. 2 (866 m long) and Muchakaima No. 5 (667 m long) in the area north of the Buzi River (Mutanda zone) and the Boca Complex (717 m long) south of the Buzi River (Estaquinha zone).
Some of the caves were filled with quaternary sediments, which were washed out during the incision of the Buzi River valley in recent geological time.
Many caves were used for digging bat guano during colonial times.

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