Berliner Höhlenkundliche Berichte,
Inhalt Band 38:
Joerg Dreybrodt & Michael Laumanns:
The Unknown North of Laos. Part 3 – 2009–2010: Karst and Caves of the Provinces Houaphan and Oudomxay
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Kapitel Titel Seite
Abstract / Zusammenfassung / Résumé 5
1. Acknowledgements / Team Meübers 7
2. Introduction 10
2.1 History of speleological exploration in Laos 10
2.2 General remarks 13
3. Cave descriptions 16
3.1 New caves of the Houaphan province 16
3.1.1 Geological overview 16
3.1.2 Area L: Caves of the Vieng Thong region 17
3.2 The caves of the Oudomxay province 32
3.2.1 General remarks 32
3.2.2 Geological overview 34
3.2.3 Area O: Xai, Namor and La districts 34
3.2.4 Area P: Pakbeng district 44
3.2.5 Area Q: Houn district 48
4. Paleoclimatic research (by Vasile Ersek) 50
5. Some cave features, Physio–chemical and climatological data (by François Brouquisse) 52
6. Biospeleological observations (by Helmut Steiner) 64
7. Conclusions 105
8. References 105
Caves explored during the 2009 — 2010 speleological projects 113
Photo tables 115
Atlas sheets cave survey Tham Thia Thong 118
Atlas sheets cave survey Tham Cham Ong System 123
Atlas sheets cave survey Tham Na Thong 145

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Before the publication of Dreybrodt & Laumanns (2005a), which summarises the exploration done between 2000 and 2005, northern Laos was virtually unknown to speläology. Only a few reconnaissance projects were conducted prior to 2000 in the province of Luang Phrabang. The afore–mentioned publication provided information on 24.3 km of cave passages from 68 caves. In the framework of the “Northern Lao–European Cave Project” ( the investigations were continued in 2006 in Vieng Phouka (Luang Nam Tha province), and in 2007 and 2008 mainly in Vieng Xai (Houaphan province) (Dreybrodt & Laumanns 2008). This publication reports on the findings of the years 2009 and 2010, including a biospeleological chapter, a chapter on physico–chemical water analysis and the speläogenesis of the Tham Chom Ong System as well as a chapter on palaeoclimatic research. It comprises descriptions of 39 caves with 28,3 km of new passages. Overall, 80 km of cave passage from 176 caves has been surveyed and published to date in northern Laos (excluding Vang Vieng and Kasi).

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