Berliner Höhlenkundliche Berichte,
Contents and abstract volume 74:
Michael Laumanns (Ed.):
Karst and Caves of South Vietnam. Part 3: The Caves of Krong No Volcanic Geopark (Dak Nong province)
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Table of contents

Chapter Title Page
1. Introcuction 6
2. Speleogenesis of lava caves 8
3. Geosettings of the Krong No Volcanic Geopark 12
4. Archaeological research in the Krong No Volcanic Geopark 14
5. History of speleological exploration of the Krong No Volcanic Geopark 14
6. Caves in the Krong No Volcanic Geopark) 16
6.1 General remarks 16
6.2 Cave descriptions 19
7. Biospeleological notes 66
8. Conclusions 68
9. References 68
Synoptic cave list 70

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The Krong No Volcanic Geopark in Dak Nong province (southern Vietnam) features the current longest lava caves, some with large passage size, known in Southeast Asia and the immediate northern surroundings, including China. C7 Cave (1,067 m long), C3+C4 Cave (968 m, segmented), C8 Cave (791 m), and P 20 Cave (568 m) were surveyed by expeditions in 2014, 2015 and 2017. Another cave mapping project took place in 2018, bringing the number of mapped caves to 49 and the total of known cave passages to just over 10.1 km. First biospeleological investigations were carried out in 2018. There are also scenic waterfalls near Dray Sap (Nam Dà commune) as well as the beautiful Chu B’Luk volcano crater (Buón Choa’h commune). This volume strives to summarize all the known cave–related data in the Geopark.

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