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Are there caves in Berlin and surroundings?

Cavities are defined as voids formed in a natural way that are completely or partially surrounded by natural stone. There are no caves in Berlin and environs (Brandenburg). From Berlin, at least a three-hour drive is required to reach the first cave (in the Harz Mountains, in Thuringia, or in Saxon Switzerland). Artificial cavities, i.e. from man-made tunnels, subway tunnels, air-raid shelters, icehouse etc. are no caves. If you are interested in artificial cavities, you can for example contact the Berlin underworlds association — Verein Berliner Unterwelten e.V..

I'd love to donate my boyfriend/girlfriend a cave tour. Is this possible?

The Speläoclub Berlin is not a commercial tour operator. We are a group of active cave enthusiasts who spend a considerable part of their free time and (otherwise earned) income on the documentation, exploration, protection and publication of caves in Germany and worldwide. This also includes involvement in speleological organisations such as the Association of German Cave and Karst Researchers (Verband der deutschen Höhlen- und Karstforscher/VdHK e.V.). All those who feel connected to this ideal are cordially invited to share their passion with us. We are happy to take those who are really interested with us on our weekend tours, holiday trips and expeditions. However, they cannot consume, but must contribute and fit into our team.

I'm looking for a cave for photographs/film shootings or an event. It would've be suitable for a laser light show or a scene with a flame thrower or a trampoline.

Forget it. Caves are unique geo- and biotopes protected by nature and monuments in which protected animals live. Caves are neither sports equipment nor event backdrops. In addition, some caves have to comply with elaborate safety standards. We have experience with filming production companies in caves, both in Germany and on cave expeditions outside Europe. These projects concerned science journalism about caves and speleology. Inquiries about such serious projects are of course welcome if cave protection has priority.

Please send me all literature available for caves in france, in southern asia, on mars!

Have you ever looked at our publications page? Admittedly the Speläoclub Berlin was not on the Red Planet yet, but that is only a matter of time and of course there is literature about caves on Mars! However, we ask for your understanding that we cannot do your internet and literature research. We recommend the World Cave Bibliography BBS/SA of the Union Internationale de Spéléologie to literature lovers. There you will find a CD-ROM and an online database, which provides access to over 20 years of worldwide cave literature - also about Mars!


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